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Visit to Wales

One day I will write DW entries regularly and without lots of second-guessing myself, but obviously not yet...

In the meantime, a few weeks ago I was invited by long-standing friends to crash their family visit to Pembrokeshire, where their parents have retired to. I took a long and beautiful train ride out to Haverfordwest, and met up with them to do the last few miles to Broad Haven, on the coast.

The weather wasn't particularly wonderful, but in between card games I spent a lot of time admiring the view from their lounge window.

Pembrokeshire 2017

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One day we did go to St Davids, famous as the smallest city in the UK - far smaller than Winchcombe - but it has a cathedral, and that's more important than size.

St Davids

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I was very grateful for the invitation - a lovely chance to get away and catch up, and visit a lovely part of the world I hadn't seen for 20 years or so.
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That is lovely!

My mother was from Wales, we do intend to get there one day...

(And I hear you on posting - odd thing, it's often the odd thought I throw up on its own that seems to get comments...)

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A lovely area, and what beautiful pictures of the cathedral.

I have been reading a series of books set in twelfth century Wales recently - if you like historical detective stories I would recommend the Gareth and Gwen stories by Sarah Woodbury.

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There are points where their paths almost cross, but never quite - you can imagine Cadfael being just over the border very easily.