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Interesting communities?

I know one of the problems with Dreamwidth is it never became as active with communities, as people moved away to Tumblr and Facebook.

I do have some favourites here though, and as new people are moving in *waves* I hoped linking to them might be useful.

For people who like photos of the natural world [community profile] common_nature - I'm really enjoying reading back through the already posted entries.

[community profile] myrtillenne makes some very pretty layouts, that are very different from most of the official ones.

For fanfic readers, there's

[community profile] fancake for themed recs

and [community profile] gensplosion for recommending gen fics.

Do you have any communities you visit that you'd like to recommend?
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[personal profile] penlessej 2017-04-17 07:57 pm (UTC)(link)
I joined DW during the great exodus to Tumblr and Facebook, so unfortunately I do not have any communities to offer. However, I am pleased to see so many new users showing up from LJ after the sorry things that are happening Over There.

I wanted to thank you for sharing these links, in particular the common_nature community. I've joined and I do plan on contributing and look forward to the photos showing up in my feed. Thank you very much for this!
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The only communities I really have over here is the mag7 one and a couple of icons ones... and sometimes Friday Five.

I'm no more or less enthused about any foreign overlords and foreign laws I don't agree with, so I'll keep posting to both.