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A Warwick Weekend

Last weekend it was time for the Tolkien Society AGM again, and this year we were visiting Warwick. It's actually not that far from here - less than an hour away, but therefore I'd never actually visited the town, only the castle, and that longer ago than I care to think about.

It's actually a very interesting town, with quite a few historic buildings and museums, and I wouldn't mind going back again to see more of them.

First of all, I was trying to meet up with [personal profile] wellinghall, [personal profile] adaeze and Little Star at lunchtime on Friday, at the Thomas Oken's house tea rooms. It was well worth a visit, if only for the unexpected member of our party...

Warwick 2017
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The Collegiate Church of St Mary contained not only a memorial to the aforesaid Thomas Oken but also the Beauchamp Chapel. As a child I was very fond of the historical novels of Cynthia Harnett, and remember a scene in The Load of Unicorn where the young hero was very impressed by this chapel, the burial place of Richard Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick.

It's certainly beautiful and impressive, even though it's been invaded by a couple of other memorials, including the one you can see in the background, to the Earl of Leycester, or as we spell him in the rest of the country, Leicester, Robert Dudley, Elizabeth's favourite.

He's remembered in Warwick for the Lord Leycester's Hospital.

Not a medical establishment, but like the Chelsea Hospital, accommodation for retired soldiers, with a fascinating range of medieval buildings and a lovely garden.

The castle was just as expensive as I remembered it being, and they've done a fairly thorough job of growing trees to block the view from the town. However, if you find your way down to the Mill Garden by the river, you can get some lovely views of the defences - towers and walls.

Evidence that this at least was a fighting castle, however tamed in later days.