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[syndicated profile] teenwolffinders_feed

Posted by deancas91190dc

Hi All,
I'm looking for two types of stories: Sterek or gen is fine.
1. Any stories where Kate's crimes against Derek are recognized, ie, the fact she raped him, coerced him, abused him, the fact she burned his entire family alive, etc, stories where how horrific this is is recognized by someone(particularly if the someone is the Sheriff or Chris Argent), or people find out about it all.
2. Any stories where Derek comes to consider both of the Stilinskis his pack, particularly if there is Sheriff and Derek bonding, friendship, surrogate parent relationship.

So, I had a moment of panic

Jul. 19th, 2017 09:53 pm
[syndicated profile] loaded_march_feed

Posted by loaded_march

Mostly because I'm still not finished ACBB, but I'm almost there, though I have to go back and Fill In The Blanks, and I have two more extra bonus!scenes that I want to write, too, though those will be short.

Then the panic went away because, hey, no problem, I'll be done by August 1st.

Only for the panic to freak its shit out, because I don't have a beta, and the person who had volunteered to Britpick hasn't responded to my email, and fucketyfuckfuckfuck.

So, um.

Would anyone have the time and willingness to do a beta and a Britpick?  I generally turn in a mostly-polished draft, since very few people see my Draft Zero, so SPAG is really at a minimum.

Specific Fic -- Home Invasion

Jul. 19th, 2017 05:27 am
[syndicated profile] teenwolffinders_feed

Posted by plotterpotter

so I remember that in this fic two guys broke into the stilinski house to rob the place and get some money and i remember a few specific scenes:

1.) one of the guys forced stiles to suck on his gun
2.) one of the guys took the sheriff out of the house to go get some money from the bank because the guys needed more money and they had to be back to the house in a certain time limit (the sheriff is worried about stiles the whole time but when he comes back stiles is unharmed)
3.) the guy that was pervy towards stiles escaped in a car and he was on the run for awhile making everyone nervous

please help me find this fic, i've been looking for awhile (:
[syndicated profile] loaded_march_feed

Posted by loaded_march

It's sad but true -- I'm just too busy at work to take breaks or even spend more than a few minutes with people to talk about anything other than work.  For that reason, a lot of people, even the ones who have been there nearly as long as I have, have absolutely no idea what I'm really like.  In particular: I'm really fucking inappropriate.

One of my colleagues found this out some time ago, one morning when she showed up early to make up some time and caught me while I was impatiently boiling water for my tea, so I had a few minutes to chat about Random Things.  This means, however, that she delighted in the discovery and does everything she can to out-inappropriate me.

This morning, I was nursing a headache that painkillers couldn't break, and it showed.  She came to my office to ask me a work-related question, paused when she saw that I looked like death, and asked if I was okay.

Me: Yeah, I'm all right, my head just can't decide if it wants to spend more time torturing me before it finishes me off.

Her: Oh, that's awful.  You know what I heard?  Sex really helps with headaches.  All those people who say they don't want sex because they have a headache?  That's bullshit.  You should have sex, it'll get rid of your headache.

Me (without missing a beat and completely serious): Oh yeah, I heard that, too.  So, are you offering?

She spent a few minutes spluttering, forgot what she came to ask me for help with, and muttered something under her breath that I didn't catch, but probably wasn't very flattering toward me.  That's understandable, because she has yet to win this game.

(She never did remember what she came to ask me about, which is kind of fantastic.)

A little after lunch, I ran into a different colleague, who was wearing a new shirt.  I commented that it was nice and it suited her, she shrugged off her cardigan to show that it was a tank top.  Incidentally, she's one of the few people who know what I'm really like, but she never thinks of it in time to save herself.

Me: Oh, yeah, because your section is still really hot, right?  They still haven't fixed the ventilation?

Her: Nope.  So when I go down there, the sweater comes off.  It all comes off.

Me: All of it?  It's that warm?

Her: It's ridiculous.  I walk in there and have to start taking my clothes off.

Me: All of it?

Her: All my clothes.  I take them off.  As soon as I walk in.

Me: I guess you have to do what you have to do.  Oh, hi, boss!

She started to laugh, thinking I was pranking her, but then she saw the little innocent smile on my face.  She closed her eyes in I hate you so much irritation, and slowly turned around.  Sure enough, our (new) boss was right there, blinking at her as if trying to make sense of what he just overheard while walking past.  He shook his head, clearly deciding that he didn't want to know, and kept walking.

By that point, I was long gone, so she couldn't kill me.

[syndicated profile] fanvids_feed

Posted by maidavids

The Captain - Leonard Cohen
Bialar Crais and John Crichton

This is why I call my videos Literary Song Videos.  Cohen's lyrics are quite obscure and I've spent a long time trying to find a fandom that could carry this song. The dam finally cracked when I realized that I could use the dying clone John and the living clone John as The Captain to lay off against Crais being called on to carry John's burden.  This is definitely a living room video, a term I came up with in 1985 when I used to stand in the back of the Creation Con auditoriums to watch the audience react to my videos.  I graduated to using physical/literary connections for videos showing there, and called the ones that wouldn't work with big audiences Living Room Videos because you needed to watch and rewatch them at home to make the literary connections, which were frequently deeply layered.  This one is complicated, but worth it, I think.  And I LOVE the music.  Best, Mary


Jul. 15th, 2017 11:34 pm
[syndicated profile] teenwolffinders_feed

Posted by verugc


I'm looking for a specific fic that I'm pretty sure I read on ao3. Stiles, who's a pretty experienced dom, finds Derek at a BDSM club/party doing a public scene. Derek's a sub, but he's very obviously uncomfortable with the guy who's domming him, but he just can't say no to the guy or safeword (past issues with Kate). That's when Stiles steps in cause he just can't stand it. I think Lydia owns the club, but she's not actually a into BDSM. From then on, Derek decides to contact Stiles and Stiles agrees to dominate him, but in a healthy way. So starts the introduction of Derek Hale to awesome BDSM.

I really don't remember much besides that, but I'd be really happy if someone knew where I could find this fic.


Harold's Planet - Daily Cartoon

Jul. 12th, 2017 11:23 pm
[syndicated profile] harolds_planet_feed

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A/B/O Sterek Fic

Jul. 12th, 2017 08:49 pm
[syndicated profile] teenwolffinders_feed

Posted by ext_4177365

Ok I don't know if y'all can help me or not, but it's a Sterek a/b/o fic where Stiles is an omega who has been living in the streets and Derek is an important alpha that finds Stiles while he's running from some baddies. They're true mates or something along those lines so Derek alphas out when he first smells Stiles and causes an accident(??) The Argents work for this government agency that is supposed to take care of unmated and underage omegas but they're really just trying to use them against their Alpha werewolf mates. There's also a scene where Stiles interrupts Lauras(??) wedding, by creating a mess cause he went into heat and Derek goes crazy chasing after him. Please help a sista out.
[syndicated profile] teenwolffinders_feed

Posted by tabbica

So, as I wrote I'm looking for two kinds of fiction:

Stiles is new to the werewolf thing and finds out about it (he first meets Scott/Derek/... at college; his dad takes the position as sheriff and they move to BH).
There a ton of stories with the tag werewolf reveal but mostly it's the sheriff who finds out.

Stiles is dating Derek/or dating/befriends other werewolfs and and knows about the supernatural. But the werewolf(s) doesn't know hat he knows and is/are fretting how to tell Stiles the truth.

And this brings me to my specific search:
I once read a story were Stiles and Derek are dating. I think they first met at College, or Stiles just started his job. Scott was still bitten, but not from Peter.
Anyway - Derek wants to tell Stiles the truth and about the supernatural, but lost courage by every attempt. He is freaked out that Stiles sometimes smell of werewolf (Scott) and thinks someone is trying to get close to Stiles to get leaverage to his pack.
I think at one point Derek asked his mom/or Laura for advice - but maybe I'm mixing stories together.
In the end it's revealed that Stiles is the emisary (in training) and therefore at this town and only able to meet Scott from time to time. So both Stiles and Derek are trying to hide the supernatural world from each other.
I'm quite sure the story was on ao3 or livejournal and was multichaptered or a really long singel chapter story.

Thanks it advance!


Jul. 11th, 2017 05:01 pm
[syndicated profile] bunn_feed

Posted by bunn

An old friend is on holiday in Cornwall, so we agreed to meet up and wander around Tintagel.
I don't normally venture to a touristic spot in July!  It was busy. (I knew it would be, so for possibly the first and last time in my life, I actually arrived somewhere first and had to hang about. Fortunately, there are lots of places to get icecream in  Tintagel, and about 999999999 friendly dogs to talk to, so I was well occupied eating icecream and petting friendly dogs.  I could have quite happily done that all day.

The tide was low, so we went and had a look in Merlin's Cave:

There's the bridge up to the castle, and also the Giant Rock that must be climbed that is only accessible at extreme low tide.  The RNLI were whizzing around the cove in an RIB while we bounded along the beach meeting yet more friendly dogs.   I think they (the RNLI, not the friendly dogs) were waiting for the tide to come back up to find out if anyone would get stuck on the rocks.   I, unlike the athletic 10-year-old member of the party, did not scale a rock.  But I did pick up quite a lot of fishing line.  I find fishing line very handy to have about the place (it's perfect for hanging pictures and making necklaces!) and also it's a horribly nasty thing for wildlife to leave on a beach.

Another cove (on the other side) and some people up on the castle admiring the remnants of the great hall.  I thought of cropping them out, but I find them pleasing brightly dressed, so in the end I left them in.

No seals :-(

There was so much fuss in the press about this sculpture, about how it represented the Disnification of Tintagel, etc.   I love it.  It's not huge, and the visiting tourists all thought it was amazing and were constantly taking one another's photos standing next to it.  You can see how the sword hilt is all shiny from people taking a grip on it.


The Fougou.  ' an underground, dry-stone structure found on Iron Age or Romano-British defended settlement sites in Cornwall.'   I'd forgotten how long and impressive this thing is.  It must have been a right git to excavate up here on this rocky headland.

Archaeologists, discovering at first hand how much work excavating things on a headland is.

People complain about that little King Arthur statue, and the Merlin head in the cave, but apparently not about this EYESORE OF EYESORES the Camelot Hotel, a seriously ugly Victorian brick extravaganza which looms loathsomely on the skyline, apparently going quite unnoticed, presumably through the power of the Somebody Else's Problem Field, or possibly the 'this is over a hundred years old, therefore it's FINE' effect.


On the way down again, we met these delightful spaniels, who were SO ENTHUSIASTIC to be visiting the castle, they were almost falling over their short legs on the steps!


I didn't take my hounds, because I thought it might be too hot, and also too busy for them (specially Rosie) but having seen just how dog-welcoming Tintagel is (big signs on the cafes and shops  'DOGS ON LEAD VERY WELCOME!' and dog water bowls absolutely everywhere! ) I may pop back with them for another visit at a slightly less busy time of year.
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