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In hopes it'll take me less time before I post next time.

I haven't read a lot of Yuletide stories yet this year, but I just loved this one.

The Spirit of St Mary Mead by lost_spook
St Mary Mead has had an unusual guardian down through all these centuries

Miss Marple never changes.

Dinosaurs as a Cultural Phenomenon
from American Scientist

My brother's the continuing dinosaur fan in our family, but there is certainly something fascinating about them.

On Progress and Historical Change

Is progress inevitable? Is it natural? Is it fragile? Is it possible? Is it a problematic concept in the first place?

"Progress" from a historian's perspective - I found this interesting, thought-provoking and satisfying. I'm sure there are things to disagree with, but it made a lot of sense to me.
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is that you can link to one or two things you think other people ([ profile] ladyofastolat?) will be interested in, without feeling you have to make a detailed post explaining why.

One of the most interesting speakers at the last couple of SFX Weekenders has been Tony Lee, who's mostly a comics writer. I really must get round to reading some of his work one day, even though graphic novels aren't really my thing.

Anyway, he's been talking on Twitter about going into schools to do talks about books and being a writer, because that was one of his main inspirations and he wants to pass it on.

He's also written a blog post for World Book Day, where he talks about the fact that he was a reluctant reader and how he learnt to love reading (and writing) again.


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