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Icon culture is one of the things that I miss about the old days on LJ. Someone commented how few Bill icons they'd seen, and while I'm very much an amateur, I thought I could at least add to the possible stock.

All of these are free to take, share or edit if you want them, credit would be nice, but I'm not going to get upset if you don't.

And a couple of Baby Groots, because, why not?


Apr. 9th, 2017 10:54 am
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Haven't done one of those for a while, but it's still so very true. :-)

Icon from this post by [personal profile] sallymn
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As might be expected, The Force Awakens has led to a massive surge in Star Wars fandom (not that it had ever died off, but now there has been a modern Tumblr-style explosion). I've very much enjoyed some of the new fanworks, without really getting into the fandom as a whole - try as I might, Tumblr just doesn't work for me.

One theme I've enjoyed is Finn as an inspiration to other Stormtroopers...

Tomorrow (there'll be more of us) by dimircharmer

“FN-2187 was real, right?” She sounds very young again. “Please tell me he was real."

"I'm real,” said Finn, who was on his first patrol since his back healed. “And my name’s Finn now.”

Her eyes widened. “You have a name?”

and the sequel:

One Was All It Took
by Miz636

In the end, so many of their stories began just trying to escape the First Order and do the right thing by ending it. The Stormtrooper Rebellion was just Stormtroopers doing the right thing after being shown that they actually could.

All it took was one Stormtrooper, and so many more followed.

For people who prefer icons, another lovely set from [personal profile] sallymn - Smiles

Happy icons from Doctor Who, Merlin, SG-1, SGA and many more.
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First, for any fans of Shaun, a lovely set of icons - some from the show/film and some of the Shaun in the City statues.

My book was mentioned in a blog post I was reading, one of Dimitra Fimi's, I think, and I thought it looked interesting, so I ordered it from the library. (The modern ability to order books from anywhere in the county over the internet, is definitely one of the wonders of the modern age. :-D)

"The Making of English National Identity" by Krishan Kumar, is very readable, though academic, take on a subject that I find very interesting. What he says makes a lot of sense, at least to this non-expert, and when I read this in the first chapter, I knew he was somebody whose ideas I was likely to be in sympathy with. :-)

"But it was the native English themselves who produced the best example of the genre: W.C. Sellar and R. J. Yeatman's wickedly revealing 1066 and All That(1930) - the best book ever written on the English and their history, or what they take to be their history."

Oxonmoot +

Sep. 23rd, 2015 09:26 pm
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I've always been useless at writing up my weekends, even when most people were here to read it, and again I've failed to do so.

So, rather than me droning on, have some videos. :-)

Author Joel Cornah on
Tolkien and Doctor Who

Eminent Tolkien scholar Doctor Dimitra Fimi on
Constructions of Childhood in Tolkien's Legendarium

And a short video covering the whole event by the Sci fi Fantasy Network (yes, you can see me, or at least my back, for a few seconds. ;-D)

And in case you've seen them all already, have a link to some fun icons - Cats and Books, by oraclegreen.
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Trying to put my money where my mouth is - 3 things I liked and hoped you might too.

1. The Comfortable Courtesan, a serial story by [personal profile] oursin being posted at [ profile] madame_c_c/[personal profile] the_comfortable_courtesan

"I shall not say how, and why, at the age of 15 I became the mistress of the Earl of Craven, because I never had the kind of opportunities that Harriet Wilson wasted. However, at the age of 27 I fell in with a wealthy Northern ironmaster, whose generosity and sound financial advice have ensured me a comfortable old age without the need for blackmail, indeed with the ability to support a number of charitable enterprises for the benefit of some less fortunate sisters in the trade. This narrative sets out to encourage a rational and prudent approach to the profession of harlotry and to dispel the notion that a 'fallen woman' is bound to die in the gutter, penniless and diseased, before her 30th year."

2.An excellent collection of icons by [personal profile] sallymn. If you're a fan of Blakes7, Magnificent7, Primeval, Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, The Sentinel or White Collar you will hopefully something there to admire and to amuse you. :-)

3. I realised that I never did a Festivids rec post, as I have in previous years. I'll try to rectify that soon, but in the meantime you can find all of them on the Festivids site, sorted by year and by fandom.

Icon squee

Feb. 17th, 2014 08:56 pm
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For anyone who loves Doctor Who, or redscharlach's awesome cartoon icons, she's posted a new set, right up to Peter Capaldi. :-)


Jan. 12th, 2014 03:17 pm
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Because it's been far too long since I posted here, and I've kind of missed the chance for New Year reminiscing posts.

Icons are one of the things I really miss about LJ/DW, just always having the same avatar is so much less interesting. Talk to me about your favourite icons, or if you've acquired any new ones recently?

Who else is eagerly/nervously awaiting the last episode of Sherlock this evening? I've very much enjoyed the last two episodes, and I expect to enjoy this one too, but it sounds as if dramatic events are to be expected.

Icons recs

Dec. 14th, 2012 09:25 pm
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If anyone is looking for new Christmas icons, I've found a new icon maker I really like, [ profile] roxicons. They're on her Christmas tag here.

(The new one on this post is her picture, with my text - though I'm not sure it's that Christmassy any more. It just felt like it fit.)
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From [ profile] philmophlegm this time:

It used to be my main job to look after the high value pen counter, and I rediscovered my enthusiasm for nice pens, and fountain pens in particular. I've never been able to get a decent photo of mine to make an icon of, so this one comes from someone on the LJ fountain pen community.

To save your reading page )
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And [personal profile] cesy has asked about these icons...

Eowyn, who has been my favourite character in Lord of the Rings since the first time I read it at the age of 11. These days I think it has as much to do with feeling for her situation as an uncomplicated enjoyment of her heroism, but I still can't understand anyone who can read her story and think Tolkien didn't like or understand women.

Inara, because she's gorgeous and competent, and I'm a silly romantic who wishes Mal/Inara could ever have worked.

Methos, the world's oldest Immortal, when asked where he'd been lately. He had a tendency to drift in and out of our hero's life, trailing snark and sprawling on things, and he hit my, pretends to be uncaring and amoral, but really it's because he cares too much, buttons sooo hard.

John Sheppard, or at least, John Sheppard's arms. There are lots of sides to the character, the amiable goofball, the surprisingly intelligent flyboy, but the super-competent soldier is definitely part of the appeal.

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, the longest running Who character of them all. One of my earliest fannish memories is when I was 9 and reading "The Making of Doctor Who", which featured the UNIT era in detail - those stories about the viewer complaining about them blowing up the church in The Daemons and the senior army officer who was quoted as saying that Lethbridge-Stewart was like a lot of their younger Brigadiers. It primed me to love the character, and nothing I saw on screen ever contradicted it.

Do ask me about more icons, or ask me to pick 5 of yours.
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I made an entry to the Dreamwidth [community profile] history comm yesterday, about 1066 and All That.

It has a download link for Top Nation And All That - the Radio 4 programme about the book that I taped off the air years ago, and have turned into an mp3.

What I did fail to link was [ profile] angevin2's wonderful series of 1066 and All That icons. Highly recommended.
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The what icon do you associate with me? meme!
1. Do not look at the comments.
2. Take a look at my userpics
3. Post a comment with the icon of mine you associate with me. Leave commentary if desired.
4. Repost and profit.
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Mum managed to make it home not long after I posted - the hill she'd got stuck on seemed a bit clearer, so she decided to take a chance on driving home. She managed to avoid sliding and got here safely, though the 6 inches or so of snow in the drive was a considerable nuisance.

In the meantime, redscharlach's latest set of Merlin icons made me smile, and hopefully will make you too.

She always manages to pick up on the truly important parts, like topless!Arthur and the

Knights of the Round Table, the most noble boy band the world has ever known... )
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I'm still writing my teal deer "what I did at Oxonmoot" entry, but in the meantime, have some Dreamsheep.

First there are [personal profile] primsong's wonderful Doctor Who sheep:

Second, there are [personal profile] elleth's beautiful Tolkien sheep:

Follow the links for lots more possibilities (and no-one tell Ovy). :-)

Icon Recs

Aug. 15th, 2010 09:08 pm
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For some reason, posting about the things I didn't have the energy to post about has at least freed me up enough to post about some fun stuff instead. :-)

I found this icon long ago, and fell in love with it, but for some reason I could never find the artist again.

Well, I finally made up for it, by finding not only her journal ([profile] redscharlach) but also her website.

So there are masses of brilliant Doctor Who cartoons, various other fandoms, including Merlin, and even a new post of Sherlock icons. Expect to see lots more of them on my posts in the near future. :-)
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From: [personal profile] cereta

1. Comment to this entry saying 'ICONS!' and I will pick SIX of your icons.
2. Make an entry in your own journal and talk about the icons I chose.

Because I can't resist talking about my icons, especially if asked by somebody new. )
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I've been wanting a steam engine icon for a while, but never found one that I liked, and my photos just weren't close-up enough. But I'm a little happier with the ones I took on Saturday, and so I thought I'd have a go.

If anyone wants any of these, please feel free to help yourself - credit would be nice, but I'm not going to hunt you down and demand it.

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I used to speak English....really I did. :-)

Anyway, someone posted this icon on one of my Merlin communities, and I loved the sentiment.

And then there's this - geeky cross stitch in all its glory. I particularly like the space invaders. And there's a link to a Firefox logo pattern in the comments that I think I may need to try out one of these days.

Icon meme

Jan. 17th, 2009 12:18 pm
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Weekend off. :-) So I finally get the chance to do the icon meme, as stolen from [ profile] sgflutegirl and [ profile] nakeisha.

Table cut for PG rated icons, animated icons and mpreg. ;-)

Under here... )


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