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Those of you who've been following my journal for a while may remember that my brother has a recurring medical problem - not really dangerous, but unpleasant and worrying. (See here for more details.)

It happened again on Thursday evening, and it still hasn't shifted. Yesterday he went to the out of hours surgery at the hospital, and after several hours waiting around saw a doctor who prescribed some pills to try and help. (I'm a little doubtful, given that swallowing them is going to be a problem, but they're the expert.)

I'm less worried than I was last time - he did manage some water yesterday - but we are going to try and push him harder into getting it looked into, now he's back here rather than in Leicester.
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I know a lot of you have been having a bad time and I'm sorry if I haven't been able to comment on all your posts individually. *hugs to everyone*

Here, Mum is not having a good week. She's suffered from sciatica from time to time over many years, and it flared up again a month or so ago. She tried to keep going, with painkillers to control the worst of the symptoms, and the chiropractor was able to help a bit, but it wasn't getting any better.

Then this week, it got worse )
She's already seen her GP and has a referral to a back specialist, but in the meantime any good thoughts and prayers you have would be very much appreciated.
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Thanks to everyone for your kindness and concern after my last post. We visited my brother this afternoon and evening, and he seems much better - in fact he managed some soup and a bread roll for tea, which is a fairly good indication that the immediate problem has resolved itself.

He's still going to see the doctor tomorrow, and the ward sister was talking about getting the dietician to talk to him as well - he was already pretty skinny, and of course not eating for several days meant he lost even more.

Hopefully they should let him out after that though, as he shouldn't be in need of any more medical treatment for the moment.
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My youngest brother, Carer, came home on Thursday for a long weekend. Unfortunately, he suffered from a re-occurrence of a medical problem, and after going to A&E on Friday evening, they kept him in. It's nothing terribly serious in 21st Century Britain, and often resolves itself, but they want to keep an eye on him, and if it doesn't go away by tomorrow they'll have to take more aggressive steps to cure it, which won't be fun for him.

So if anyone has any prayers/good thoughts to offer in his direction it would be appreciated.

The less cryptic version, cut for the squeamish. )
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I'm afraid I forgot to crosspost the following post I made on Thursday, as I was doing it from my iTouch.

Last night I was ridiculously cold, and I soon realised this morning I was running a temperature. It's far too busy for me not to go into work and Lemsips improve the situation somewhat, but I came straight home from work and into bed. So my apologies if I seem rather absent for a few days

It's a great asset when you are stuck in bed feeling lousy.

I'm feeling a bit less lousy now than I did Friday morning, when I had temperature of 39 degrees (102.2 Fahrenheit). I didn't go to work and hoped that yesterday I was starting to feel better. It didn't entirely work though, and when we saw white spots on my tonsils, it was time to contact the out of hours surgery. I had to wait around for over an hour, but I got a diagnosis of tonsillitis on top of the original viral infection, some antibiotics and the doctor telling me that my swollen glands were "impressive". :-)

So work aren't expecting me in tomorrow, and we'll see after that.

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First, an apology to [personal profile] nakeisha for missing your birthday yesterday. I'm glad to read you had a good day - many happy returns. :-)

As I've said in the title, everything seems to be going well at the moment. I'm still doing half days at work this week and I already had holiday booked for next, but the week after I think I will try a couple of full-time days. Yes, I'm more tired than I would have been before for only working part-time but I'm by no means worn-out. And I remember my early days in retail and how much worse I felt then, when I was younger and not recovering from an operation.

Otherwise, things that make me happy today will mean very little to most people but Golden Foxee \0/  \0/ And the Ya-goldbies are pretty cute as well. :-)

Anyway, I'll go back to making sense to non-Fluff friends. :-) Thanks to [profile] parrot_knight, I realised there were actually videos of Flanders and Swann on YouTube. :-) And also a wonderful Lego animation to "The Gas Man Cometh".

Finally, it comes to something when you have to visit German websites to realise there's online video of something that happens down the road. Still, this is why our town gets a special mention in the Darwin Awards.
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Last weekend was my first trip away since the op, and I had an excellent time. I met a lot of friends and some interesting new people.

The AGM was remarkably firework-free and much to our relief some very helpful people such as [ profile] wellinghall, [ profile] the_marquis and [ profile] wildfyre stepped forward to volunteer to help out. We also have a new MemSec, though we'll have to see whether we can inveigle her onto LJ. :-)

Yesterday we went to Kenilworth Castle, and although the weather was fairly bad we had a good visit. I even managed to climb right to the top, though that was enough, and I needed to go and sit in the cafe and eat excellent leek and potato soup. I hadn't taken my camera this time - but for anyone who's interested I've put the pictures I took on my last visit (2003) on my flickr account.

For those of you who missed the garden that was currently being recreated, I've put my picture of what it used to look like under the cut )

On the health front I've been signed off work for another two weeks, and have a consultant's appointment on Friday, so then we will have to see whether I am fit to go back to work. As I mentioned to a number of people at the weekend, I will probably take [ profile] muuranker's advice and go back part time to start with.
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When I was talking to [ profile] wellinghall yesterday, I realised I hadn't mentioned that I got my hospital appointment letter. I'm seeing the gynae consultant, or suitable substitute, on the 7th December, which is a week tomorrow.

No problem with getting the time off work - everyone has been really supportive. I was quite touched when a couple of the guys who work on the tills first saw me after I went for the scan - they were very anxious that I was going to be all right.

Still, I'm sure you'd much rather be thinking about cheerful things, and since this made me laugh a lot, I thought I'd finally get round to working out how to embed a YouTube in an LJ post.

[Error: unknown template video]

Joe Flanigan attempts to explain The Hair. :-)

Also a while ago I posted links to two more clips where David Hewlett talks about important things like his favourite Doctor and RDA's advice on how to get fewer lines. :-)

Under here... )


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