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Did anyone else see Primeval this evening? I thought it was pretty fun - cute guys with angsty pasts, the Forest of Dean (looking suitably spooky) and DINOSAURS. :-) I shall certainly be tuning in next week - something to keep me going till Doctor Who starts again.

And Life of Mars starts again next week as well, it's months since I've had something to actually turn the TV on to watch. *does happy dance*

Now I'm curious. I'm obviously pretty familiar with the Forest of Dean, it's pretty close and also where my maternal grandmother came from. But I'm wondering just how well known it is if you're from other parts of the country or even further afield.

So a poll. And if you have any other answers please let me know as well.

[Poll #924746]
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So Snippetlady sent me a link to this article in the Daily Telegraph. A.N. Wilson writes Great War was the making of Tolkien.

Nothing that we haven't heard many times before, but from an influential source.

Congratulations to John Garth as well, having his book described as a masterpiece can only be a Good Thing.
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But I just have to add to the Torchwood squee.

Dancing Fruits

Can't wait till next week.
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So, I just had to say how much I'm enjoying Atlantis this season. Sateda and Common Ground were excellent and now I'm still squeeing an hour later over McKay and Mrs Miller.

I'm definitely going to Pegasus 2 - the Atlantis con in London in February. It'll be great to see some of the people I met at Gatecon again *waves to [ profile] starbird57* and I'm really hoping that David Hewlett will actually make it. *fingers crossed*

In the meantime I'm enjoying reading his blog here. One of the best bits of M&MM was his sister Kate, who played Mrs Miller, and her blog is here - the whole family obviously has the comedy gene.

In other news, I really loved Temeraire by Naomi Novik, as recommended by [ profile] wellinghall. Dragons and the Napoleonic Navy, what's not to love. :-) I'm just wondering whether I can wait for the paperback of the next book in the series - but then the series wouldn't match. Oh well, I shall just have to be patient, but I'm not good at that. :-(
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And anyone else who is looking for a video and music player, other than the Windows one.

The player we were talking about at the room party last weekend is VLC, and you can download it here. It'll play practically everything, apart from RealMedia files - .rm and .ram, including the tricky MP4 files that even Quicktime struggles with. As someone who downloads a lot of songvids, it's a great addition to the collection and it's completely free.
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[ profile] gayalondiel and I decided that we would go to Cribbs Causeway to see Brokeback Mountain, since Cheltenham doesn't have a multiplex cinema yet.

Cut for spoilers... )

House MD

Jul. 12th, 2005 12:12 am
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I've been even quieter than usual over the last couple of weeks,  at least partly because I've been rapidly acquiring a new fandom. I'd read about it on-line, so when I saw that House MD was going to be on Channel 5 I thought I'd take a look. It didn't take me long to fall.

It's a bit like a cross between CSI (which I enjoy watching but have never got into the fandom for) and ER, which I used to watch long ago but gave up when I found I didn't like the characters any more.

The scruffy-looking chap in the icon is Dr Gregory House, a brilliant doctor who doesn't like patients and has a wonderful line in snark. (In the first episode, when asked - didn't he go into medicine to treat patients -  replied,  - we go into medicine to treat illnesses, treating patients is what makes most doctors miserable. ;-) ) He has 3 junior doctors aka the ducklings who do most of the patient contact, hold their hands etc. while House tries to work out what unlikely ailment the patient has this week (Clue: it's not vasculitus, it's never vasculitus.) He has a running battle with his boss, Dr Lisa Cuddy, who wants him to put in his fair share of work in the hospital clinic, (treat normal patients? boorring) and a best friend, Dr James Wilson, played by Robert Sean Leonard. (Who, by the way, must have a portrait in his attic, as I swear he doesn't look any different to the way he did in Kenneth Branagh's Much Do About Nothing.)

I've always enjoyed this kind of medical drama, but it's the characters that really make this series stand out for me. I just hope the second season that starts in August will not be a disappointment.

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I loved tonight's episode - not as scary as last week but it was still great.

Just in case anyone hasn't seen it yet

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Yes, I know it's corny but I've been waiting for the new Doctor Who series for so long.

I've been a Doctor Who fan for over 20 years - Peter Davidson was my Doctor but I love different things about all of them. (Even Colin Baker, who I had the hardest time warming to.)

And now we have an excellent start to the new series. Christopher Ecceleston was convincing from the word go.

"Why do you sound like you come from the North?"
"Lots of planets have a North."

Rose was a good modern companion as well, not the helpless screaming girly but someone who still has a lot to learn about the Doctor's world. I think Billie Piper did an excellent job of conveying an ordinary girl, attractive but not a glamour model and with more to offer than being stuck in a dead end job.

It's been a while since I've had a TV programme to get this excited about, since Angel was cancelled, and I'm looking forward to it a lot.
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So after spending about 11 hours watching all 3 extended editions on Saturday I'd better join the others with my take on the RotK EE.

Spoilers )

The Lord of the Rings films have certainly not been perfect and there are things in each of them that could have been changed to make them more like my vision of the book. But they were obviously created with love and care and that for me covers a multitude of sins. When I think of how bad they could have been, I am very grateful that it was Peter Jackson and his team who pushed for the chance to make them.

In the end, they have brought a massive new audience to the book and that can only be a good thing.


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