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While I was sharing things, I hope that people might find some of these helpful.

Some of these are userscripts, for which you need Greasemonkey (Firefox) or Tampermonkey (Chrome or Opera).

AO3 Crossover Savior - For hiding stories with too many fandoms from the search pages.
AO3 Lazier - Adds a button to take you to the latest posted chapter
AO3:Kudosed and seen history - for those of us who forget whether we've read a story before - show the ones you've given kudos to or marked as seen.

AO3 Saved Filters - a way to apply a specific filter every time you search on the archive, so you can block stories from a specific fandom, or with a specific pairing. It combines very well with...

"The "Search Within Results" Field and You" - instructions on how to rule items out of searches, using the internal number codes for certain tags - fandoms, pairings or characters.

Something else I went looking for was a way of loading stories without the collections they are part of, as I'm picky enough to want all my bookmarks to look the same. I asked over at the dreamwidth AO3 community and somebody made this bookmarklet.

So, if there's any particular function you want to know about, it's worth looking there, at [community profile] ao3some or at all the userscripts people have written for the archive.


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