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About six or seven years ago I started a Christmas cross-stitch that I'd fallen in love with. Then I kept getting interrupted by designs that needed to be finished for a deadline, and then it was spring and really not the best time for working on a Christmas design.

In the end I decided I just needed to crack on and get it finished, so today I finally did.

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Now I just need to find the right frame for it.
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I used to speak English....really I did. :-)

Anyway, someone posted this icon on one of my Merlin communities, and I loved the sentiment.

And then there's this - geeky cross stitch in all its glory. I particularly like the space invaders. And there's a link to a Firefox logo pattern in the comments that I think I may need to try out one of these days.
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I've recently discovered a cool LJ cross stitch community [ profile] cross_stitch with a largely geek membership - people who love Stargate or Star Trek or Babylon 5 as well as stitching. I was very impressed by one of the latest projects posted by a member - a pieces of Centauri needlework. :-)

From the Catalog of the Centauri Ambassadorial Museum, Geneva, Switzerland, est. 2155

Well worth checking out for people who like Babylon 5, needlework or science fictional museums. :-)


First, another unusual Doctor Who vid - based on the episode Blink. The vidder has taken an already excellent fan song based on the episode and built a vid around it.

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Four years or so ago, when my friends in Portsmouth had their first daughter, I wanted to stitch something for her. But she comes from a family of stitchers - it was her mother who introduced me to the hobby in the first place - and there's a limit to the number of samplers that a girl can hang on her walls. :-)

So I was pleased when I found cuddly toys with Aida to add your own design.

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My family has been celebrating today, as my grandmother has reached her 100th birthday.

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We didn't have a party but friends popped in throughout the day and my brother came up from London for the occasion. We had champagne and cake and Grandma enjoyed holding court and receiving presents. I had stitched a picture of a countryside scene - since she doesn't get out very much any more, I thought she'd enjoy having it to look at.

Country scene )

We're now leaving her in peace to recover a little, but there is still plenty of birthday cake left.
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It's my aunt's ruby wedding anniversary today and I had the urge to show off the sampler I did for her and her husband.

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