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While I was sharing things, I hope that people might find some of these helpful.

Some of these are userscripts, for which you need Greasemonkey (Firefox) or Tampermonkey (Chrome or Opera).

AO3 Crossover Savior - For hiding stories with too many fandoms from the search pages.
AO3 Lazier - Adds a button to take you to the latest posted chapter
AO3:Kudosed and seen history - for those of us who forget whether we've read a story before - show the ones you've given kudos to or marked as seen.

AO3 Saved Filters - a way to apply a specific filter every time you search on the archive, so you can block stories from a specific fandom, or with a specific pairing. It combines very well with...

"The "Search Within Results" Field and You" - instructions on how to rule items out of searches, using the internal number codes for certain tags - fandoms, pairings or characters.

Something else I went looking for was a way of loading stories without the collections they are part of, as I'm picky enough to want all my bookmarks to look the same. I asked over at the dreamwidth AO3 community and somebody made this bookmarklet.

So, if there's any particular function you want to know about, it's worth looking there, at [community profile] ao3some or at all the userscripts people have written for the archive.
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For them that knows about electricity etc. ;-)

For quite a few years now, a lot of British lightshades have had warnings on them that they shouldn't be used with bulbs more powerful than 60 watts. This made perfect sense - bulbs get hot, and you don't want a too hot bulb in an enclosed space.

What's baffling us is that new lightshades have transferred that to the new low-energy light bulbs - so a shade that can only take a 60 watt normal bulb, can apparently only cope with an 11 watt low-energy bulb. How does that makes sense? Surely the point is that an 11 watt low-energy bulb puts out the same amount of light as a 60 watt traditional one, while using less energy, i.e. not wasting it as heat. So why can lightshade that can cope with 60 watts not cope with 17?

Or had we completely misunderstood what the issue was, and there's some very good reason why we can only use very dull bulbs?


Dec. 22nd, 2013 10:08 am
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I'm looking for solutions for my mother, who likes to listen to the radio and music while she's in the kitchen, but that's not so easy where we live now. Our radio reception, both analogue and digital, is not good at all - we can pick up a few analogue stations but not ones she wants to listen to all the time. She finds CDs a pain, because they invariably stop at an inconvenient moment.

My thought was some kind of streaming device from our wireless network, but it needs to be something that doesn't use iTunes or need a Windows (or Mac) PC to work. (We could get round the Windows thing if we have to but it would be easier without.) All the streaming devices I can see online at a quick glance seem to be for video and connect to a TV, which isn't what she needs.

So, something that plays internet/digital radio and also preferably something that could playback our current digital musical collection. Would anyone have any suggestions/warnings/ideas? Thank you for any help you can give me.
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I still haven't decided definitely what to do long term. The current iteration of Delicious is several hundreds times better than the mess we were confronted with on the 27th, but there's a lot of trust lost, and it still hasn't restored the network functionality.

I've been really impressed with Pinboard, which is a paid (though not exactly expensive) alternative. The owner has been extremely welcoming and responsive to fandom in general, as major users of Delicious looking for a new home, and generally come over a class act. So I've bought an account, to at the least use as a backup - I'd much rather give my money to someone who's willing to treat fans with respect.

If you're interested in following some of the discussion, then there are some feeds to follow (for Dreamwidth, if anyone actually wants them on LJ just shout and I'll find/make them):

[syndicated profile] pinboard_blog_feed for the main site blog, or at least read his latest entry "The Fans Are All Right"

A Tumblr blog- The Fandom Tag Cloud [syndicated profile] fandomcloudtumblr_feed with links to relevant blogs/posts etc

And there's a fandom [ profile] pinboard community on LJ - the Dreamwidth feed is [syndicated profile] pinboard_lj_feed
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In the meantime though, a couple of admin things. [personal profile] muuranker - I've got your cake slice, which came home with me in the food bag. If you need it urgently I can send it to you, or give it to you next time I see you.

Also the battle that [personal profile] gayalondiel and I were talking about...Tewkesbury Medieval Festival. The 11th is the committee meeting, but it would be great to get together a party to visit on the Sunday.


May. 3rd, 2009 11:34 pm
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Two things you may not know...

If you're using LJ Hook - and seriously, if you're using Firefox, why aren't you using LJ Hook, unless you like typing HTML - then you'll be pleased to know that you can fix it to work with Dreamwidth. If you go to the bottom of the LJ Hook Menu, you'll see Preferences and from that menu you can pick Clones Manager. Just add to the list by typing it in the box and clicking Enable and Bob's your uncle, handy right-click menu and icon randomiser. :-)

ETA For those of you installing LJ Hook for the first time - the instructions seem to be dreadful to non-existent. If you are in a LJ text box, right-click and LJ Hook will be one of the items in the menu that comes up, just follow the arrows for the sub menus. The thing for randomising icons is a small greenish button that appears next to the drop down where you select the userpic/icon. Hopefully that should sort it out, but if you have any problems ask and I'll do what I can to help.

The other is that if you like the Dreamsheep, like the one in my icon, there's a whole community for posting and sharing them - [community profile] dreamsheep. There's a download of the base in the first post, if you feel like making your own.
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I love sending and receiving Christmas cards, so if anyone would like one, please reply to this post with your address. (Comments are screened.)

Of course, if your address is in the back of Amon Hen or I visit you regularly, you're probably pretty safe - feel free to comment if you don't want a card. ;-)

I'm very happy to send cards overseas - there have to be some advantages to having become a sub-Post Office. :-)
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For those of you who haven't already seen it on [ profile] saturn92103 or [ profile] king_pellinor's journals, a very important link.

"For those worried about the Large Hadron Collider, and the possibility that it might destroy life, the universe and everything, there's a live status report available at which should keep you up to date."


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