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Yesterday we were notified that our tap water is safe to drink - a week or so after it started flowing again. :-)

If it wasn't for the car, everything would be back to normal. We still haven't heard officially from the insurance company, so we've decided to replace our second car, the one that got written off last autumn. That way at least we'll have motor transport until the other one gets sorted. The current candidate is a P-reg Astra - an older car, but bigger and newer than the Fiesta it replaces. It's an automatic - since Mum seems to have got an idea in her head that I'm more likely to learn to drive on that than a normal car. We shall see.
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I ought to start by wishing my grandmother a happy birthday - 102 today. :-) It's a great achievement and while it's a shame she can't always see it that way, I think she enjoyed herself.

Also - we have water - yay! It's not safe to drink yet, so they are still handing out bottled water, but we can flush loos, have baths and deal with the small mountain of washing that has built up since last Sunday. For us, the crisis is nearly over.

And a minor point, but we had a visit from two of our most senior directors today. They were very positive about the shop and made a point of saying how good my section looked. It isn't any more than an ego boost, but I do take pride in getting my pens looking right and it's good to have that recognised.
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Our water went off at about 10pm last night. At least it gave the authorities time to get their act together. We're not short of drinking water, but hope it's not too long before I get to have a shower again. :-(

[ profile] wellinghall has been posting interesting memes, so I may be spamming your friends page soon. :-)
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Latest news - the water pumping station at Tewkesbury has been flooded and there will therefore be water shortages until at least Wednesday. It really is an odd world, when floods lead to a lack of water.

We finally got round to uploading the couple of pictures Mum took of our road turning into a (very muddy) river. They're on Flickr here but the best one is under the cut.

Cut for photo )
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So, it only took 3 times as long as usual to get home from work - and I have to be back in for 10.30pm. :-)

OTOH, it doesn't matter that I wouldn't be able to sleep because of the water dripping from my window frame, because I should be up reading anyway.

For reasons that don't quite make sense to me, our phone line has been out since this morning, but the broadband connection is still working, at least most of the time. If it's still working in the morning I'll let you know when I finish the book - before I crash. ;-)


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