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I was excited to see Brian Sibley had uploaded his BBC Radio dramatisation of this classic children's story to SoundCloud, and hoped some of you might be interested as well.

There's no way to download it, I'm afraid (or at least not one I know of) but it is completely free to listen to.
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First of all, for anyone who's interested and didn't get them from the Telegraph over the weekend, some audio episodes of Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister - download them from Sendspace here. (It's just over 100 Mb.)

100+ Things I'm Not Allowed...To Do In Nelson's Navy.
My favourite is No 22: "I've heard every possible joke about the name Hornblower" is not a challenge.

And finally a vid: Merlin/Arthur, 1980s power ballads, and then there's the slash dragon - what more can you ask for?

[ profile] sisabet said What if Arthur has hidden depths?

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