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While I was sharing things, I hope that people might find some of these helpful.

Some of these are userscripts, for which you need Greasemonkey (Firefox) or Tampermonkey (Chrome or Opera).

AO3 Crossover Savior - For hiding stories with too many fandoms from the search pages.
AO3 Lazier - Adds a button to take you to the latest posted chapter
AO3:Kudosed and seen history - for those of us who forget whether we've read a story before - show the ones you've given kudos to or marked as seen.

AO3 Saved Filters - a way to apply a specific filter every time you search on the archive, so you can block stories from a specific fandom, or with a specific pairing. It combines very well with...

"The "Search Within Results" Field and You" - instructions on how to rule items out of searches, using the internal number codes for certain tags - fandoms, pairings or characters.

Something else I went looking for was a way of loading stories without the collections they are part of, as I'm picky enough to want all my bookmarks to look the same. I asked over at the dreamwidth AO3 community and somebody made this bookmarklet.

So, if there's any particular function you want to know about, it's worth looking there, at [community profile] ao3some or at all the userscripts people have written for the archive.

Day 3

Sep. 25th, 2014 10:00 pm
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My 3 good things for today:

1. Seeing this on Tumblr - originally here.

Lego, books and a green monster - exactly what I needed to cheer up my day. So I made an icon...

2. Sitting in a window in sunshine to eat my lunch - the best remedy for a working day spent completely in artificial light.

3. Finding a new extension for Firefox - I don't care about cookies - to remove those annoying warning messages about cookies that pop up on websites.

Day 2

Sep. 24th, 2014 09:46 pm
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My 3 good things for today:

1. Looking after the new starter at work today - something I enjoy, and think I'm fairly good at.

2. Bought a new waterproof coat in the Mountain Warehouse sale on Monday, and this morning it was raining on the way to work - excellent timing.

3. Found a new Greasemonkey script - AO3 Lazier - which puts in a button to take you to the latest chapter in a story.
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I've been having various problems with my computers lately, but I hope that if they come in threes I've now got through all of them. :-)

First it started with my laptop crashing out on me, and then lots of input/output errors - in theory it was booting, but then it refused to do anything useful. Running a SMART test from a LiveCD pointed to a hard drive failure, and I had to work out how to take my laptop apart and replace the drive. (The fact that it was broken anyway was a considerable comfort... I figured I couldn't actually make it worse.) In fact, it was quite easy, and new drive installed I repartitioned and reinstalled the software - something I've got quite practised at with all the playing about with different distros that I do.

At this point, I thought perhaps it would be a good idea to run a test on my desktop drive, just in case, and was rather concerned to see that it was showing a FAIL as well. (A sign that it could go at any time, though it was still working fine at that point.) I made sure my backups were up to date, and hoped to discuss a suitable new drive with [personal profile] alitalf, as I was visiting him and Hibernia for the Innmoot weekend.

Read more... )
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and it's okay if you do, I'll still love you. :-)

If you prefer your browser old-school:
Classic Theme Restorer
For reverting (almost) everything

Or for one particular peeve

Tabs on Bottom
If you want your tabs attached to the webpage, not above the other tool bars.

New Add-on Bar
If you want your add-on icons back at the bottom of the window, rather than in the address bar.

Classic Bookmarks Button
If you want the old-style single bookmark menu button


Dec. 22nd, 2013 10:08 am
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I'm looking for solutions for my mother, who likes to listen to the radio and music while she's in the kitchen, but that's not so easy where we live now. Our radio reception, both analogue and digital, is not good at all - we can pick up a few analogue stations but not ones she wants to listen to all the time. She finds CDs a pain, because they invariably stop at an inconvenient moment.

My thought was some kind of streaming device from our wireless network, but it needs to be something that doesn't use iTunes or need a Windows (or Mac) PC to work. (We could get round the Windows thing if we have to but it would be easier without.) All the streaming devices I can see online at a quick glance seem to be for video and connect to a TV, which isn't what she needs.

So, something that plays internet/digital radio and also preferably something that could playback our current digital musical collection. Would anyone have any suggestions/warnings/ideas? Thank you for any help you can give me.
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But haven't managed the energy for long form entries.

My youngest brother Marcus (aka Carer) has (for reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture) had to give up his job in Leicester. He's currently staying with us and hoping to get a job in this area.

Last week on my day off we made a family trip to Waddeston Manor, home of one of the Victorian Rothschilds. A very nice art collection, set in wonderful grounds - not cheap (unless you're National Trust, in which case you get in free), but a good day out if you like that kind of thing. :-)

I have a new computer. :-) This one to replace my old (and very slow) netbook. I'm currently dual-booting it with Bodhi Linux 2.0 and once I'd sorted out a few technical difficulties, I'm very happy with it. It being intended as my main portable computer, you may well see me using it in future. :-)

Well under a week to go until Return of the Ring, and I'm really looking forward to it - both the event and hopefully seeing quite a number of you there.
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We've had our Linksys wireless router for five years and it's done us good service, but early this week I spent an evening fighting with it, as it had lost all its settings. Then yesterday the wireless started playing up again, and today it seems to have given up altogether.

It still works fine with a wired connection, but we have multiple computers all over the house, and wireless is a necessity.

Obviously if it's easily fixable that would be great, but I can't help suspecting a hardware problem that's beyond my ability to fix. So I was rather hoping that you guys might be able to provide some recommendations/information on new routers.
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Last weekend [ profile] magog_83 did this meme, and I wanted to play but was busy Innmooting.

Of course, I have lots of desktops on different computers and in virtual machines, so I decided to go for the four I use most often. :-)

My main desktop machine )

Gnome on Mint 9, with just one bottom panel and the Mint Menu. Yes, that really is the Hogwarts Express, the Olton Hall, steaming through the Gloucestershire countryside. (It must be lost. ;-D)

My netbook )

Crunchbang with Conky providing system stats and a handy guide to keyboard shortcuts on the right-hand side. The wallpaper came from ewallpapers and looks just right on the small screen.

My laptop - 1 )

Gnome again, on Linux Mint Debian. This time the panel is autohiding at the top, with the dock provided by AWN. Yes, I did make this wallpaper, as you can probably tell.

My laptop - 2 )

Enlightenment(E17) on Bodhi Linux. More Conky and somebody else's lovely Merlin/Arthur wallpaper.

So, common features, a dislike of icons on the desktop (they really set my teeth on edge, for some reason) and an addiction to eye-candy. Getting my desktop just right is one of the first things I do when I start a new system.
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I installed a couple of new extensions this morning, and it started me thinking about whether any of you can beat my current record of 26 active extensions. :-)

On the other hand, the last time I did this I had 28. It's interesting to see what I'm still using, what's been superseded by changes in Firefox and what was a passing fad. I'm still minimising the top of my browser (on my netbook I've got it down to one row of buttons), though I do have more navigation than I did.

My current list and my browser layout is under the cut )

I'd love to hear about the extensions you use and any suggestions you have. If you don't use Firefox (waving at [ profile] nakeisha), I'd still be very interested to hear whether you use extensions, and how you get on with them.
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The latest news from Yahoo is that they are hoping to sell Delicious, rather than just shutting it down, which is very good to hear.

Yes, there are replacement services, and no-one need lose their bookmarks over this, but the great thing about Delicious is that it is not just a way of accessing your own bookmarks, but those of thousands of other people. From recipes to tech stuff to fanfiction, we've built a community of links to all those things we find interesting. That's what would make Delicious such a great loss.

There has been talk of building a fannish bookmarking site, and that sounds like a great idea to me - this is just another reason we need to own the servers. Whether it'll happen any time soon I don't know, but they can certainly sign me up as a user if it does.
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Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 6

Which operating systems do you use?

View Answers

5 (83.3%)

2 (33.3%)

1 (16.7%)

BSD or some other OS that I'll talk about in a comment
0 (0.0%)

Which browsers do you use?

View Answers

Internet Explorer
0 (0.0%)

5 (83.3%)

3 (50.0%)

0 (0.0%)

Some other browser I'll talk about in a comment
1 (16.7%)

Obligatory random ticky-boxes

View Answers

When I see BSD, I keep thinking of BSoD
1 (25.0%)

I just use what came with the computer
1 (25.0%)

I don't have enough computers
1 (25.0%)

I have too many computers
1 (25.0%)

There's such a thing as too many computers?
4 (100.0%)

I'm curious about other people who use more than one operating system and how you use them - is it for different tasks, or because they're on different computers, or some other reason?

I have Windows on a couple of my systems and boot into it occasionally, but the vast majority of the time on my main computer I'm using Linux Mint. My laptop has PCLinuxOS and the Debian-based version of Mint, and my netbook has Jolicloud.

Firefox is my normal browser of choice, but I use Chrome on the netbook, as it seems to be "lighter" on its low-powered system.
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Apart from Arthur in a towel. ;-)

Thank you to everyone who replied to my last post. There's no immediate prospect of a sale, but things are moving on, so I hope to have some better news about it soon.

In the meantime, I thought I would resume normal service and talk about the things that make me happy.

Cut for teal deer )
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So, to start with, I've done a new entry on [community profile] shiny_things. It's definitely Dreamwidth orientated this time but hopefully some of you will find something interesting in it.

Apart from that, I'm loving the dynamic cut tags, one of those features you didn't know you wanted until they were there, and now I'm really missing them on LJ.

I've also been playing about installing new versions of Linux. My Mint installation is fairly well bedded in on the laptop, so I decided to use the other partitions for something else. My brief flirtation with OpenSuse convinced me that I'd really rather stick to Debian/Ubuntu derivatives for the time being. I'd also been thinking about going for a light-weight distribution that would boot quicker for those times when I'm not going to be spending all evening on the computer. (Not that Mint doesn't already boot faster than Windows did - these things just move the goalposts.)

More about operating systems )
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On Sunday, a mixed occasion, a wonderful celebration of the life of [ profile] romancinger, who died last year. A time to grieve for her loss, but also to celebrate her life, and to meet many friends who knew and loved her too.

Apart from that, my life (or at least the interesting parts of it) was on the computer, as usual.

So after my last post, I found a header for my Dreamwidth journal. :-) Thanks to [ profile] sparksflyout for the lovely image and to [personal profile] foxfirefey on the [community profile] style_system comm, who helped me to include it in my layout.

Apart from that I've been playing with a new iPod - I love my iPod Classic, it's wonderful having an 80Gb capacity so I can hear all my music, but it's quite heavy for taking around all the time. So I decided to look into the local second hand shop (the one where I got my netbook) and found a 16Gb Nano that is a lot smaller and lighter for everyday use. I've been experimenting with using it in Linux, so I can keep it updated with the laptop, and so far most things are going well. It'll sync happily from Songbird or Gtkpod, and now I've got the AAC format installed, it handles audiobooks perfectly. Photos aren't working quite as well, the software doesn't seem to want to acknowledge that the Nano has a screen, but I'll keep trying, and anyway, that isn't really what I want to use it for.
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doing my bit to contribute more content to Dreamwidth.

Two communities I want to recommend:

First, [community profile] create_my_comm, for those things that you wish there was a community for, but don't have the time or energy to create for yourself. If you have the time, then it's a great place to start for ideas on what people want in the way of communities.

I made a suggestion and got [community profile] gen_rec, a community where anyone can recommend gen stories, from any fandom. So far there are two recs, both from me, so go read the profile and post. I'd love to see what stories you'd recommend. Spread the word, as well, this kind of community wants as wide a readership as possible.

Finally, I made another [community profile] shiny_things entry on some nifty utilities for iPod users.

Now I'm going to be fiddling with my DW layout. It's a lot easier to add My Heroes on Dreamwidth, but I've got a couple of new ones to include. I'm just wondering whether or not to look for a picture header - I'd love something with Arthur or Arthur/Merlin, but I just haven't seen anything I think would look right.
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Thank you very much to everyone who answered my poll yesterday. For everyone who I caused to do a Bradley James imitation, just a quick explanation.

Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension that enables you to use little bits of code that work on particular websites, for example I have one that tells me whether there are any new comments on an LJ post, and one that stops YouTube videos playing until I specifically tell them to. Once you've started using it, you find all sorts of uses for it, but I did wonder how many people would have come across it - hence the poll.

If you do feel like trying it, Greasemonkey itself is available here.

The best places to find the scripts that it works with is For some examples look at the comments on my previous post.
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[Poll #1526257]

And if you do use Greasemonkey do you have any favourite scripts, ones you wouldn't want to surf the web without?


Feb. 16th, 2010 12:59 pm
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Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 5

Do you use Greasemonkey?

View Answers

2 (40.0%)

2 (40.0%)

What does that even mean?
2 (40.0%)

Greasemonkeys killed my mother, you insensitive clotpole.
1 (20.0%)

And in if you do use Greasemonkey, are there any particular scripts you recommend, ones you wouldn't want to surf the web without?
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After a TS meeting on Saturday, and a nice chance to meet up with friends, I actually had the opportunity to do some stuff with our computers over the weekend.

With some helpful advice from [ profile] crazyscot, the boot problem on my parents' computer is fixed - no more seven minute waits for the Grub menu to come up. :-) All it took was installing an experimental updated version - I didn't have to switch the drives round after all, which was great.

Then it was time to finally install Mint 8 on the laptop - I've been running Mint 7 since last summer very successfully, but I decided it was time to move to the official form of Firefox 3.5 and various other updates. It was all very straightforward - keeping my home folder on a separate partition meant that most of my settings carried over with minimal problems. I'm just now making a list of the things I need to change whenever I change the operating system - the wallpaper randomiser, SMPlayer, the additions to fstab to make the data partition automount... Not too bad really, certainly compared with getting a new Windows computer.

Finally, it was time to actually make another [community profile] shiny_things entry, something I haven't had a lot of time for over the last month. I have a couple of ideas for future posts, but if there is something you want me to talk about, please feel free to ask.


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