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[personal profile] adair, over on [ profile] sutcliff_talk quoted from Rosemary Sutcliff's autobiography, Blue Remembered Hills.

...the first of my brain children that I can remember was called Wild Sunrise, a saga of the roman invasion of Britain told from the British viewpoint. Its hero, Cardoc, was a young British chieftain, as Victorian-English as anything out of Whyte Melville's Gladiators. his adventures went on for ever, because I loved him so much I could not bear to part with him; because, also, I could not think how to bring them to a close. Eventually I did finish the story somehow and stowed it tenderly away in a dark corner. In due course, probably when my father and I moved house after my mother died, it sank without trace, which all things considered is just as well. I should hate, even now, for any eyes but mine to read Wild Sunrise, not so much because it was very bad as because so much of me was in it, naked and defenceless. It would be a form of indecent exposure.

Is is any wonder her books appeal to fans so much? She's so obviously one of us. :-)
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So, [personal profile] cesperanza is one of the best SGA slash authors out there, and I always enjoy reading her journal.

But I was very surprised to read the last two entries in her journal, because while I knew that David Tennant always wanted to be Doctor Who, I didn't realise he was telling Time Out about it in 1996, but she has the scans to prove it. :-)
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[ profile] the_marquis gave me a copy of an article from a German magazine, written by a journalist who was at the Tolkien Weekend earlier in the year. It mainly features Zainab's teaching of Elvish, with a very nice picture of a certain bouncy elf. :-)

When playing Tolkien 20 questions, I remembered something I have been meaning to rec for a while. I was waiting until it was finished, but actually that's not really necessary, as each chapter stands on its own.

Do you remember Dora Baggins, who was Frodo's aunt and "had written reams of good advice for more than half a century"? Dreamflower has written "Miss Dora Baggins' Book of Manners, Or The Shire Hobbit's Guide to Proper Behavior for Every Occasion". It combines world-building, creating a more detailed Shire society, with a wise and gently amusing take on proper manners for any number of situations. Even if you don't usually read fanfic, this is well worth the time of any Tolkien fan.

For a taste, see under the cut... )
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For people who remember the conversation about Show of Hands's excellent song Roots, there was an interesting article about it and the group in the Independent last week.

For science fiction fans, a lot of writers were annoyed by the comments of Howard Hendrix, apparently a VP of the SFWA, that making their work available on the net for free made them "webscabs" and they were reducing the position of writer to that of Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Wretch (a interesting turn of phrase, if nothing else). As a result they declared today International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day. This post contains links to a lot of good stories from writers who've realised the power of the net to attract new readers.
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An interesting short article on Tolkien fandom from yesterday's New York Times - Elvish Impersonators by Ethan Gilsdorf.

Not a costumed loonies article, regardless of the silly headline, and with a only slightly garbled mention of the Tolkien Weekend.

Isn't the writer the guy who came to the Chester AGM?
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Happy Christmas, everybody.

And because I know there are a number of Lois McMaster Bujold fans here - you never know what is going to turn up on [ profile] metafandom. She discusses writing sex, in [ profile] commodorified's journal here and a follow up post here.

While we're talking about sci-fi authors interacting with their fans, did you know that Diane Duane has a Live Journal [ profile] dduane?
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Both stolen from [ profile] nakeisha

Time travel meme )

File extension meme )

And for people who can't be bothered with memes - a new Terry Pratchett interview
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I was surfing around this evening and found a link to this - Interview: Neil Gaiman and Joss Whedon. They chat on the phone together—chaperoned by TIME's Lev Grossman—about their work, their fans, their Klingon bodyguards and, of course, Timecop.

ETA I rediscovered where I found the link - through [ profile] m_butterfly's journal.

Brilliant idea - the only better suggestion I can come up with is putting Joss together with Terry Pratchett, and it's even a snippet. (So is getting beaten up for liking Tolkien a guy thing or an American thing? Maybe I've just led a sheltered life.)

Spoilers for House up to 2-03 )


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