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Since I got my shiny new phone earlier this year, I've never been quite
sure what I wanted to have as a case for it. I bought a pretty but fairly
bland floral snapcase for it, but wasn't that satisfied.

When I discovered RedBubble, who put all sorts of fannish designs onto
various products, including phone cases, I decided to get something more
interesting. (And in any case, it was hard to resist buying things from a
company whose emails are signed by "Mr Baxter - Executive Sender of Emails
and Chief Pencil Sharpener" :-D)

So I have a new phone case :-)

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We've started on the Christmas decorations, and one old favourite is this
Advent Calendar. I'm reliably informed it's 40 years old this year, and as
you can see the doors have long since fallen off. It's an old friend, though, and
I can't see us getting rid of it.

Do you have a favourite Christmas decoration - an old friend, or a new and
shiny? I'd love to see them - post when you get round to putting them up,
or if you already have pictures.

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From the front of the house...

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We've had more snow today but it's so fine that it's not settling, at least not on the areas where the previous snow had melted.
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Day off today, welcome after two very busy days at work.

We had freezing fog most of the day yesterday, and in places today, and I've always liked frosted trees, so I had to take some pictures from my window.

Across the valley )
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Thank you to magog83 for the link to this beautiful piece of fanart.

Merlin and Arthur, seriously slashy but fully clothed. )
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but if you were following my Twitter a couple of weeks ago, you'll remember I make an exception when Bradley James is playing. :-)

First there was the charity match at the Stoke City stadium *waves to jane_davitt* on the 29th May, which you can read about, with lots of lovely pictures, at [ profile] jhava's journal.

First of all he had to warm up: )
And at the end of the game he came over to sign autographs: )

What, you want to know about the game... Don't be silly. ;-) His team won and apparently he played very well - there's a lot more pictures on [ profile] jhava's post.

Then last weekend he was playing again, this time with a couple of the Knights (Gwaine and Percival) as Team Merlin in the Soccer Six tournament at Burnley.

Team Merlin after they won, wiping the floor with the opposition. )

There are more pictures on [ profile] Ayalla's Twitpics

Finally Bradley's own picture - the trophy reads Soccer Six Star Player )

He sounded as if he was having a lot of fun, which is lovely - and hopefully will give us lots more pictures to squee over. ;-)
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particularly not when there are these wonderful Merlin behind the scenes pictures to look at.

So ummm... where was I, I'm sure I was going to say something...

Oh, yes, behind the scenes pictures, with Colin and Bradley and the Knights, as seen on [ profile] yavannauk's journal.

No shirtless Bradley, alas, but shirtless Eoin is not exactly a problem. :-) )

And because I wouldn't want the Amy fans to feel left out, I just had to repost this beautiful picture )
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I hope you had a great day. :-)

A little present under the cut, with mild spoilers for the Doctor Who RND special

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I've just finished dodging some people looking round the house (they think it's probably too big) so I thought it was time to link to some things I've enjoyed and hope you might too.

To start with there's the Sherlock Peanuts art - too, too adorable. :-)

Then there's a short Merlin modern AU - Love in the Time of Swine Flu. It's written for the prompt "Merlin gives Arthur Herpes, Pox, HPV, Chlamydia and Penicillin. Not to be outdone, Arthur gives him a Sperm Cell, an Egg Cell, Kissing Disease, Penicillin, and a pink Amoeba. (" Funny, warm and just romantic enough for two emotionally constipated boys. :-)

Finally, if you're a fanfic reader, you may have already seen this recced - it's gone far beyond Merlin fandom. Pairing Pendragon/Merlin is another AU, this time a rather longer one, where Pendragon is a BNF, and Merlin is his new beta. It's a brilliant meta take on LJ fandom, from somebody who obviously knows the culture extremely well. (It's also a great love story, but then it's Arthur and Merlin, they shouldn't have anything else. ;-D) They finally meet up at the SFX Weekender!
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For the loan of the Gatchaman DVDs, which arrived this morning. I was a little concerned because I knew they were Region One, but they play fine on my laptop. I don't know whether this is because I've probably never played a Region Two disc in it, so it's just defaulting to the first type that it experiences, or whether the software on Linux doesn't make the distinction.

Anyway, it's fascinating to see the similarities and differences, and at the moment I'm irresistibly reminded of those wonderful creature feature, Godzilla vs the monster of the week, films that I used to stay up far too late to watch on Channel 4. :-)

Also I promised whumped Sheppard, so without further ado...

Pictures under here )
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After conversations on Facebook, [ profile] elegaer very kindly lent me her Battle of the Planets DVDs. As a little thank you, I manage to persuade [ profile] gayalondiel to make me some screen caps of wet Daniel Jackson. :-)

Pretty under here... )

You can see the whole album here - Dripping Wet Daniel Jackson

My thanks also to [ profile] ladyofastolat, who's offered to lend me the Gatchaman series it was based on. (I'll have to look for whumped Sheppard, what a chore. :-D)
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Happy Christmas to everyone who celebrates it, and a wonderful weekend to everyone else. :-)

A quick snap taken with my new phone, of the tree on the roundabout at the bottom of the road.
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We had some snow overnight here, a little dusting to wet a hobbit's toes. At about 12 noon though, it started snowing again and it hasn't stopped. Mum left to take her elderly friend home over an hour ago, and we've just had a phone call to say that she's got the car stuck, so she's walking home. (It's probably only about a mile, but I sure it's not fun being out in it.)

In the meantime, before and after pictures, taken with my new phone.

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Most importantly, that Adobe have released a new 64-bit version of Flash, that works with Linux Mint. :-)

The reason it makes me so happy is so that I can watch vids like this embedded in people's posts.

Sherlockmouse ) For anyone who hasn't already seen [ profile] gayalondiel's wonderful bringing together of two British institutions.

Another reason is that I can upload pictures to Photobucket, without having to run a 32-bit version in a virtual machine.

Pictures like this one that [ profile] yavannauk took during Merlin filming. :-)

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My favourite card designers did a picture of me a couple of days ago. :-)

See under the cut )

I was reminded that I meant to link to the feed from their blog, which gives you a design a day.

So on Dreamwidth you can watch

On LJ it's

Some more examples of why I love their cards. :-)
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Most of this is going to need to go under a cut but I just wanted to squee in public about just how much I've enjoyed the last series of Doctor Who. I'm not claiming for a moment that it was perfect, but so far, I think it's my favourite of the new run.

Contains spoilers for the Big Bang and the rest of the last season )
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We had a good day on the Severn Valley Railway, but I was a little disappointed that I hadn't managed to get to the GWSR's gala in celebration of 175 of the Great Western Railway.

So it was rather exciting on the way home down the motorway, when we realised that the trailer we were passing in the slow lane was carrying a steam engine. And not just any steam engine but the City of Truro originally built in 1903 and with a strong claim to be the first steam train to do over 100mph.

Picture under the cut )

It was obviously leaving Toddington for another railway, to take part in their GWR 175 celebrations.

I'm looking forward to visiting the GWSR again, probably after they've had the chance to restore services to Cheltenham after a landslide on the line, but in the meantime they've put up a video to give a sample of the event.

YouTube video here )
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First, thank you very much to everybody for the birthday wishes. I had a lovely day, with steam trains and cake. :-)

It was just the culmination of a fun weekend, though.

About Games Expo )

It's been a while since I've had a chance to go to any of the steam railways apart from the local one, and while I'm never going to stop supporting it, it's nice to have a chance to see other railways as well. The Severn Valley Railway is not that far away, and it's celebrating its fortieth anniversary this year, so it seemed a good excuse to pay them a visit.

It was a quiet day for them, with only a few trains running, but we still had plenty of time to see everything and it was quite nice not to be crowded on the trains.

Pictures and details under here )

You can see some more of my photos on my Photobucket, here.
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To the lovely [personal profile] gayalondiel, with the hope that today will be a good day.

Now with added pic spam. :-) )


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