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Finally here.

Mexican Wave

I'm particularly impressed with the Surfacing zines, which are A5-ish size and with work-safe covers, so I can actually read them away from home. Still, I shall try to ration them a little. I've waited six weeks, I don't want to finish them all in a couple of days.
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Still haven't got parcel. HUMPH

Manager at depot extremely apologetic and will send it to me at home tomorrow. And if that doesn't work, promises to deliver it himself on Monday.

Still, it gives me more time to tidy up after myself before the parents get back tomorrow.

For everyone who's bored with the progress of my parcel, you could check out the Literature Map.
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The bad news is: I still haven't got my parcel. :-(

The good news is that I came back home to find a message from PF on the answer phone, apologising for not delivering - they went to the back door too late for there to be anyone around to answer it. And since the front is more or less pedestrianised, they didn't come round that way. We get parcels via them almost every day anyway, so tomorrow they are going to include the parcel in their standard delivery and I should get it then.

Still annoying, but at least they were being active about resolving the issue, rather than just ignoring it. When the parcel didn't arrive I was expecting to have to come in from work and fight the issue again, but was pleasantly surprised by that at least.

Thank you everyone for the kind thoughts and fellow feeling, obviously this happens far too often - are there any couriers out there that don't have these problems?
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I usually try to be a pretty easy-going person. I know I really haven't got that much to complain about with my life, and I understand enough about how the "other side" of the service industry works that I find it easy to make allowances for problems that really aren't the fault of the person I'm talking to.

Today though, I'm extremely peeved... )
ETA I've just heard back from the duty manager at Parcel Force - he's going to arrange for the parcel to be picked up and delivered to me at work tomorrow. :-)

A very sensible solution all round I think - I didn't really want money compensation as much as to make sure my complaint was registered. And maybe next time the driver will make sure they leave a note saying where they've taken the parcel.


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