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It took this long for Marvel's latest spin-off series to make its way across the Pond but finally last night we got to see the first episode. (And yes, I know you can download these things, but I really wanted to support a UK showing - it took far too long for a British channel to pick up the show.)

I wasn't disappointed, it was a fun, exciting hour of television, and I'm definitely looking forward to the rest of the series. It's just a shame that so much of the fannish squee has been and gone, but we're all looking forward to the second series, and hopefully that might make it here a little sooner. :-)
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In case any of the people I've subscribed to from [personal profile] kouredios's friending meme are here wondering who on earth I am.

I should say that I'm not that good at fannish content at the moment, and I'm not expecting anyone to subscribe back, though you'd be very welcome if you want to. In fandom terms, I'm mostly a slasher, an OTPer and a reader, not a writer - I've been in Merlin fandom for several years, but also love Sherlock and the Eagle, and I've recently got into reading Avengers after the movie. (I love Natasha, Steve and Tony, like all of the others, and have a big soft spot for Tom Hiddleston, rather than Loki.) Older fandoms include: SGA, SG-1, Professionals, Highlander and others you may spot in my icons. :-)

I've been a Doctor Who fan since the '80s, but I'm not in the fandom as such.

In real life I'm involved in Tolkien fandom and have recently started volunteering for my local steam railway. I'm also a Linux user, though not a terribly technical one, and I have a weakness for gadgets in general.
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*Some of this probably won't make much sense if you're not in media fandom, just ignore it. :-)*

I've been rather quiet here lately, and particularly quiet about fannish things, so I thought I'd explain where my fannish heart is at the moment. I'd love to hear about your experiences with these fandoms or where you are at the moment.

Merlin )

The Eagle )

Avengers )

Sherlock )

So I really don't have one main fandom at the moment, though I'm being kept in plenty to read. It's rather lonelier, as you don't have a smaller group of people to squee with, but that'll work itself out. Lurking has always tended to be my main media fandom behaviour, anyway


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